The Dirty Dottys

by The Dirty Dottys

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The purchase of the whole album comes with a .pdf of some photos of the original Dirty Dotty (grandmother extraordinaire) and friends as well all the lyrics to these songs. We hope this music will inspire you to sing along a little too loudly, and most importantly, to BE UNABASHEDLY YOURSELF.


released December 20, 2014

Lyrics & Music by Julie DiOrio

Austin Arroco- Trombone
Danny Teza- Upright bass
Ellie Foster- Backup vox
Jonathan Kessler- Drum set
Maura McGillicuddy- Vibraphone, backup vox
Julie DiOrio- Lead vox, Guitar, Ukulele
Recorded at Kennedy Studios
Album art by Ariel DiOrio with help from Katelyn Kessler

Naughty Norm Records 2014



all rights reserved


The Dirty Dottys Boston, Massachusetts

The Dirty Dottys is a Boston-based band that plays booty shaking pop-motown originals and a slew of fun covers!

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Track Name: Ugly
Baby, have you noticed one thing seems to be on everyone's mind? Trying to look good, trying to look pretty now. It's taking up so much of our time.

Baby, have you noticed all of the beauty already all around us? There's beauty in trees swaying and what poets are saying, so it ain't no big to let your ugly hang out for a minute!

We're all ugly when the lights go out now...

Let your unattractive get active. (UGLY)
Let your nasty shine through. (UGLY)
Make the most of your gross now.(UGLY)
Baby, do those ugly things you do.(UGLY)

Well don't think twice about bringing your girlfriend to that ska show. She thinks you look real hot when you flail in the skank pit. Get sweaty (Uh), you're ready (ha) to rock some ugly dancing, but not give a shit.

We're always trying to look so good.
Don't you think it's time we understood that-
We're all ugly when the lights go out.
Track Name: Not To Call
I never thought I'd say this
but it's a good thing I'm not 16
cause I wouldn't know how to do this
without being mean

I've learned it's not very
nice to try to have you
Any way you don't want to be had

I'm trying my best not to call...

Well I don't think we were good together in that way
And once you replace me
I think you'll feel the same

But better believe I want to text you
whenever I listen to piebald
but this entree is just what I ordered
this whole meal it was my call

I cant have my cake and eat it too
Track Name: Late
I remember being where you are, where you are. And I remember singing, singing only in my car. And it's a little chilly where you are, where you are. But baby just hold on cause now it's not far.

Just look around. It's not that far now.

Some of us are just late bloomers, y'know. And I'm always late if you know if you me, if you know.

Well it took me just a little while to get really comfy wearing this here smile. And maybe you were faster than I was. If so, then I'm happy for you cause i'm pretty glad I stuck it out cause recently I learned to shout.

And I feel I took forever. Maybe it was for the better. Who knows?
And maybe you're not like me, but I mean we both have two eyes and a nose. So how differently could it go?
Track Name: Your Furniture
Did you know that when you go
your furniture really misses you.
And were you aware that your favorite chair has a favorite too.
It's your derriere. And your dear old lamp wishes that you'd clamp your finger tips round its little switch. And your microwave hopes that you'll save some room for more. It's kind of an attention whore.

But that bed gets so lonely when you're gone even for not that long.
And I fill the space with cats and space heaters, cooking books a pair of new sneakers, but they can't really take your place. So just know that when you go there's a hole below your pillow.

Not to mention, your dishes need attention. They cry all night, wishing to hold just one bite. And you're socks, they have such low low tolerance. They stomp around chanting, "We're not taking this!"
And sometimes one partner from the pair just runs away.

Now you know that when you go
your furniture really misses you.
Track Name: This Nonsense
Sometimes I just see you
I want to hug you and hold you
and sometimes I want to squeeze you so hard like jelly from a bottle.
And sometimes I just want to run, want to run, want to run into someone else's arms
And it's doing harm to my brain,
makes feel like I'm doing cocaine, but it's not illegal.
And unfortunately no popo's gonna try and stop me.
No no, no...

I'd just like someone to write me a ticket for being dumb,
for not making up my mind,
for not loving you enough,
for loving you too much.
I wish someone would put out a warrant for my arrest.
Some padded walls would be best.
Don't let me do this nonsense to myself or us anymore.
Track Name: Plight of a First World 20-Something
You told me what you want, told me what you need. You look pretty good and you're just my speed, and I know I'll be exaggerating on my resume.

You asked me for a little interview, but honey, we both that i'll never do
cause I've never done this job before.

We're all grateful for a foot in the door, but now we want something more.

All my friends are looking for better jobs, better jobs. We're getting sick of living in a box, in a box.
Poke some holes in the top.

Some of us went to school. Some just learned from the world. Some are occupying Boston. Some have rich uncles, but either way we're leaning something everyday.

And I know plenty of folks with mad skills in their field, but no they ain't complaining, they're just keeping it real. We can't all work for non-profits that allow us to pay our bills and are also creatively satisfying.

Maybe we should quit our bitching and just give it time. Or maybe take up a life of crime

Despite a 9 to 5 job at the end of the day I want to stay up late.

At the end of the day, I want to stay up late.
Track Name: Shaky House
You should've told me you wanted to play games. I prefer checkers or twister rather than mind games, mister.

Despite all your shenanigans you've got me coming back again. You think you're so clever, like I don't know better, but truth is your use is quite simple I'll tell ya.

My house shakes when I'm shaking you, baby. All four of my roommates and also my cat. They're aware when we're up to bat. My house shakes when I'm shaking you, baby.

It's easy to get a little cocky when sunshine's blowing up your behind, but just wait till you're the one doing the blowing, and you can't get me off of your mind.

Well it's a good thing you're cute. Good thing you're batting your eyes
cause you're a pain in the ass,but i don't mind because-

My house shakes...

Well don't tell my landlord that we need new floorboards. The walls are quaking. The china is breaking.
We'll make them real seasick to show them we meet it. We'll rock them to sleep if you know what I mean.